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Thank You For Ten: Short Fiction About a Little Theater

The ten short stories in this collection explore both the drama and the comedy that takes place inside a community playhouse on and off the stage. It is now available in ebook at Amazon, Apple and Smashwords.

Flowers of Dionysus

My debut novel. Synopsis: Before giving up the stage for good, a disillusioned amateur actor joins a friend’s troubled summer production, during which he and some of his cast mates experience odd encounters and supernatural phenomenon that will challenge their views of theatre and of themselves. Available in ebook form, now for free, at Apple and Smashwords.

Murder. Theatre. Solitaire.

When overworked theatre director Milton Crouse is forced into a retreat by his sister, he is forbidden from having anything to do with the stage. But when one of his fellow guests at small estate on a Vermont mountain ends up murdered, Milton finds his theatre knowledge useful in trying to determine who the killer is. On Kindle, and now in paperback form.

The King is But a Man, said Shakespeare

A one-man stage show of my own creation with a Shakespearean theme. In it, I play a weary stagehand who with humor and passion uses Shakespeare’s words to explain why he thinks the often ignored history plays of Shakespeare have more to offer us today than we think. It debuted at the Black Box Arts Center in Shepherdstown, West Virginia on February 27, 2015.

Interested in booking the show as a fundraiser? Want to see some video samples? Here’s the play’s official website.

Order! Ten Stories. Ten Very Different Meetings.

This is an ebook short story collection. Each story involves a meeting, and its plot hinges on some aspect of parliamentary procedure, as laid out in Robert’s Rules of Order. Humor, literary, sci-fi, and other genres are represented among the ten stories. Free!  Find your preferred format here.

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