Writer Mission Statement

I write to increase the amount of life in this world. I yearn to deepen what I refer to as the internal aliveness of my readers.

My non-fiction consists of conveying truth of facts and sincerity of both my knowledge and my ignorance on the subject and concepts at hand.

I use my fiction to pour humanity of many shades, colors and temperatures into minds and hearts. (My own included.)  I do this by way of introspective, quieter narratives, with little bombast and flash. (Much like the way I live my life.)

Readers of my fiction embrace the potential of any given moment to bring out not only what is unique within an individual, but what is intimate and familiar to all of us. They, or someone they know could be experiencing the plots of my stories in their own lives if but for the slightest tweak to their history, or to the nature of the world.

My readers welcome the transcendent lurking in the mundane.

My stories, novels and plays span many genres, with a wide variance in tone. Yet I instill in each of them an element, no matter how thin or buried, of hope.


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