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In Depth Look at my Novella (Spoilers)

A month ago today, I launched my experimental novella, The Italics Are My Own.  (Click the title buy it for 99 cents.) I wanted to explore some of the reasons behind it, some mechanics and some themes. Needless to say, if you plan to read the novella but have not done so yet, this post …

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Linear vs. Non-Linear

I had a history teacher in high school, (god rest him, as he has since died.) Smart enough man, but by the time my class year rolled around I think he had started to phone in a few things as a teacher. For example, the last class I took from him dealt with America in …

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Now To Help (And NOT to Help)

Expertise is often a foundation of networking, both professional and personal. If you are willing to share your expertise or opinion with someone who is seeking same, you may find yourself a very grateful new contact who will be there to help you should you ever require it. There are any number of ways to …

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