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Sometimes you have to. Every few weeks I have been doing so with my original one-man stage show, The King is But a Man.  I sadly haven’t found many chances to perform it beyond its 2015 debut. Plus, with my changing schedule and other projects, I’ve not has as much time to rehearse it in private …

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Oil Painting

I’ve always wanted to know what oil painting was like. A few months ago I was determined to try it out on at least a limited basis. The universe encouraged this experiment by making oil painting supplies discounted all at once in a store I visited about a week later. So of course, I bought …

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I Support Supporting.

I’ve been involved in community theatre for years. Once I began to establish myself somewhat in the local theatre circuit, I adopted a practice of supporting those people I knew who were also in theatre. Whenever a friend or someone I had gotten along with well in a previous show was to appear in a …

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