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Authors and Civic Engagement

We live in an ugly time. White supremacy is emboldened again. Modern Nazi groups, if not at the table are at least allowed in the room. Blase violations of the civil rights of children at the border, (and certainly beyond.) Rising Islamophobia. Homophobia. Rejection of science. It’s a modern Dark(ish) Age, and I do in …

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A Market for Stability: Lessons from Facebook, Netflix and the like.

I am convinced that despite all of the talk and action to the contrary these days, there is a market for stability. As in, a large portion of consumers who are content with the status quo of their product or service for now. Any changes are best made slowly and with as much explanation as …

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The Deaths of Flip, and the Consumer Spectrum

The Flip Camcorder is dead. Cisco, the parent company that bought Flip a few years ago is shutting it down and stopping all production. Not selling it off. Not trying to improve it. Killing it. Period. As a Flip owner, I am quite pissed. It’s one thing when you happen to use a product that …

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