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Introvert Dating Tips (Repost)

(Originally posted on my old blog, Too XYZ in October of 2011, I thought I’d give this classic post a second life here on Valentine’s Day. I’ve cleaned up the language a bit from the original. Apologies for the odd formatting, but after 30 minutes I got tired of trying to get it to do …

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Introverts and Extroverts: Ten Dating Tips

Dating, and expressing interest in someone can be a tricky, depressing business for anyone. Yet I feel bold enough to declare that it is easier for extroverts than it is for introverts in most cases. An extrovert’sĀ gregarious, energetic nature lends itself well to the way the dating scene works these days. At least with other …

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I Hate Dating (A Featured Post on Brazen Careerist)

I am not a fan of dating. There, I said it. Scoff, gasp, puke or faint. Do what you must, but I am Too XYZ for what most people think of when they hear “dating”. Not to be confused with Dating, with a capital “D”, which, for our purposes, will refer to a serious, committed …

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