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Plays vs. Novels

Among my creative goals for 2016 are revising two novels, (in two different stage of completion.) I am also revising a stage play, which hopefully will get at least a local reading before the end of the year. Revising plays is so much different from revising novels. Both have their tedious qualities, and both have …

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My Thoughts on Sex.

In my fiction, that is to say. Or, that is not to say. Sex has never appeared in any of my fiction. Then again, neither has Prague, backgammon or millions of other things. Yet I’ve found a noticeable difference between the reactions to never including sex in my work, and never including the other things. If you tell …

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“High-Concept” Fiction

I’ve read a few novels or stories that become too bogged down with world-building or what I call “concept obsession.” The former tends to happen in fantasy and sci-fi the most, and the latter can happen in any high concept piece. (Hence the term.) I find a lot of high concepts intriguing. As a concept …

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Writing Contests: My Reluctance

I am notoriously reluctant to submit my writing to contests. Though winning a contest is often the best way to gain exposure for short fiction especially, something about it has always if not stopped me in my tracks, than at least muddied the road and slowed my progress. Part of the problem is that they …

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You’re Better at Revisions Than You Think

Cutting your manuscript for length may not be as difficult as you fear. Yes, there is the concept of “kill your darlings” that you have probably heard somewhere around a billion times in the writing world. In other words, so goes the advice to writers, be prepared to save your manuscript by removing sentences, pages …

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