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Meet the Character: Tanya Hayes

The latest character I’d like you to meet from my upcoming novel, Flowers of Dionysus Tanya Hayes. Tanya is a talented dancer in her early 20’s. So talented in fact that she might have made a go at dancing professionally, had she not found such satisfaction giving private dance lessons instead. Her patience and calm demeanor may …

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Meet the Character: Matt Blackwell

As part of the lead in to the summer publication of my novel, Flowers of Dionysus, I’ll be posting about certain aspects of the novel, to give the world an idea of what sort of work it is. Today I’m talking about one of the point of view characters, and the main protagonist, Matt Blackwell. Matt …

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The End, and the Beginning, Have Arrived.

Last night, around 7:00PM, I made the final revision in the final draft of my upcoming novel, Flowers of Dionysus. Barring any mistakes that I spot during formatting, (and a bit of waffling I’m doing on some character names) I have altered the manuscript for the final time. From here on out, the focus is on …

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