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My 2011 MVPs.

On this Thanksgiving it is of course appropriate I show some gratitude in my blog post. In this case, I am proud to present my list of social media MVPs! A bit of explanation is in order to begin with. This list was difficult to compile. I started thinking about it in early October. It …

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Coming into the Light: A Shot at Opacity, by Mehnaz Thawer

All my life, I’ve been invisible to some degree. For those that already know me, you’ll know I have a penchant for complete candour, and you can hear my rambunctious ramblings from a mile away. This isn’t what I’m talking about. Much like many introverts, I take a liking to “behind the scenes” types of …

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Not for Love or Money: A Better Way to Choose a Career, by Jen Gresham

When I decided to leave the military after 16 years of service, just four years short of the necessary time to collect a retirement check at the ripe age of 42, people thought I was nuts. What in the world couldn’t be endured for just four more years with a payout like that? What made …

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