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Scintilla13 Day 16 (The Final Day)

We bet there was a story you wanted to tell that didn’t line up with any of the prompts. Write it anyway – and use it to write a one or two sentence prompt that others could use to tell a good story of their own. Then,¬†share it with us, if you’re comfortable. Most aspects …

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Introvert Dating Tips (Repost)

(Originally posted on my old blog, Too XYZ in October of 2011, I thought I’d give this classic post a second life here on Valentine’s Day. I’ve cleaned up the language a bit from the original. Apologies for the odd formatting, but after 30 minutes I got tired of trying to get it to do …

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Who Do You Love? (A Featured Post on Brazen Careerist)

I think most people must be far more careful with saying “I love you.” I do not refer merely to romantic love, or eros or whatever the hell you want to call the kissy-kissy kind. I mean any kind of love, for none of them are really as insignificant as we sometimes make them out …

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