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Books, Books, Everywhere and Not a Page to Enjoy?

I went to the local library today to find a novel to read. No big deal, right? Actually, it can be at least a medium deal for me. For starters I read kind of slow, so the time investment hangs over any novel I pick up. Which is why I tend to give a book …

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Egghead Writing and Guilt-Free Skimming

A few weeks ago I went to an annual used book sale that happens near my home. On that particular day they give you a large paper grocery bag. Six dollars for all the books you can fit into it. I made out pretty well; I got about 20 books for my six bucks. I …

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Review: The Art of Reading

Last night I completed a course on DVD from The Great Courses called “The Art of Reading”. The Four DVD set contains 24 lectures each of about 30 minutes in length. No mail-in evaluations, just lectures designed to be viewed from the privacy of your home. The lecturer was one Dr. Timothy Spurgin, English professor …

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