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“Upon the Heath”

The above is my most recent painting. As this post, it is titled, “Upon the Heath.” oil on canvas. I am not totally in love with this painting. In fact in some key ways it is one of  if not my least favorite of all my paintings. Yet in other ways, it has done something …

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Scintilla13 Day 8

Write about a time when a preconceived notion or opinion (about a person, place, thing, etc.) turned out to be wrong. What did it take to change your mind? It wasn’t a long standing or especially strong preconceived notion, but I suppose it qualifies. A few years ago there was an outdoor performance of Taming of the Shrew …

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Happy Birthday, William Shakespeare.

Today I am proud to once again take part in “Happy Birthday Shakespeare“. I am one of many bloggers from all parts of the world who have opted this week to post about William Shakespeare. The folks responsible for the project (do follow the link I provided to learn more) were wise enough to have …

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