Ty Elsewhere


Always Off Book

Theatre acting is such a large part of my life much of the time, I keep a second blog to record my thoughts and adventures in that world.  If you’re theatre-oriented yourself or just curious, stop by there.

Twitter. You probably know what it is. I’m @TyUnglebower

Instagram. I’m pretty new to it, but I try not to just post pictures of my lunch and such.

Ty Unglebower’s Poetry

A simple name for a simple site. I share my poetry here, rather sporadically at times. No frills, no marketing. Just a place to share. So far I have mostly explored specific poetry forms on this site.

My Photobucket

I take digital photos as a hobby. Never sold any and I have no formal training, but I very much enjoy shooting with me Fuji FinePix s5200. So if you’re interested in some of my pictures, you’ll find a bunch here.


A writer must read. I take my time with reading books, but I enjoy getting lost in a good novel, or stimulating my mind with intriguing non-fiction. And I love writing reviews for books I have read. (Usually within an hour of finishing them.) I don’t review every book, but when I am moved to review one, I post it on my Goodreads account.


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