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Lodestone cover

Lodestone Crossing

My first self-published book of poetry. 

A lodestone is a naturally occurring mineral or rock with magnetic properties. Like any magnet, when crossing over baser matter, a lodestone pulls out specific component materials that can then be used for myriad purposes.

By deleting and saving specific words and phrases from various sources while keeping their sequence in tact, a poet can create entirely new works. As with a literal lodestone to certain metals, words and phrases are drawn out from an original, and put to myriad poetic uses.



14 Fantastic Frederick County Writing Spots

Every writer needs a change of venue from time to time. For author Ty Unglebower, the best places to write outside of the home are those in our own neighborhoods and regions. For him that means Frederick County, Maryland, his lifelong home.

Join Ty as he takes your on a brief journey to 14 locations in Frederick County that he has done some writing, and where he thinks you too will be able to spark your muse. From cafe’s to state parks, nature centers and empty tombs, these locations were hand picked and described in admiring detail. At each stop, the author shares insights and perceptions about the writer’s life and creativity itself.

Complementing the thoughts, ten handsome computer illustrations by Jamie Welch.

14 Fantastic Frederick County Writing Spots aspires to encourage the residents of Frederick County, current and former, to view their home, and their craft of writing in a new light on every page of this well-paced collection of thought essays.




The Italics Are My Own

Some stories are chaotic. Messy. Yet the still have moments worth experiencing. Order can be found within the chaos if we look for it. The Italics Are My Own, a short experiment in form, voice, and narrative explores this truth on multiple levels, seen and unseen.

Eschewing a straight forward arc, The Italics Are My Own eschews a straight forward story arc and asks the reader: 

“Can we find satisfaction in fragments and segments instead of a whole?”

“What is the true nature of story, if there is one?”

“Do the answers matter, if we are moved by the experience?”

By tinkering with form, voice and narrative, this novella does not answer, but presents the questions in a stylized, but subtle manner.



There Is Pain Here  

A fantasy adventure.

James Garfield, the 20th President of the United States, lingered for months after being shot by an assassin. His last words before death are reported to have been, “There is pain here.” History believes this referred to the fatal cardiac arrest Garfield suffered that moment. But in fact, he was referring to an afterlife he could already see, inhabitants of which were recruiting help to retrieve lost souls in a sort of purgatory…an offer he accepted as he died.

But something is off balance in the afterlife. Will Garfield be able to partake in his new destiny before he and all human souls are swept into oblivion?

Paperback editions available here. 



The Beacons I see

The Beacons I See

Vanessa is a highly sensitive person on the Autism Spectrum. Like the other women in her family, she can see promises. Anywhere a promise has been made by people, she sees spheres of colored light she calls beacons. Mostly she overlooks them, and mostly she prefers her solitude.

One day on a much needed vacation to the family cabin, Vanessa sees the impossible: a beacon high above the trees, where no normal person could possibly promise anything.

Torn between investigating the woods with the help of strangers, and following her original plan to withdraw from the stresses of the world, Vanessa spends the summer learning more about her gift, herself, and her relationship with other people.


If you prefer, you can purchase a paperback.



Thoughts I Wrote Down Because I Hate Talking to People

My collection of  brief, humor/life essays on topics ranging from porn to Harry Potter. Sometimes sarcastic, sometimes introspective, always sincere.



Order! Ten Stories. Ten Very Different Meetings

A short story collection. Each story involves a meeting, and its plot hinges on some aspect of parliamentary procedure, as laid out in Robert’s Rules of Order. Humor, literary, sci-fi, and other genres are represented among the ten stories. 




Murder. Theatre. Solitaire.

When overworked theatre director Milton Crouse is forced into a retreat by his sister, he is forbidden from having anything to do with the stage. But when one of his fellow guests at small estate on a Vermont mountain ends up murdered, Milton finds his theatre knowledge useful in trying to determine who the killer is.

Buy in paperback form.



Official Cover

Flowers of Dionysus

My debut novel. Synopsis: Before giving up the stage for good, a disillusioned amateur actor joins a friend’s troubled summer production, during which he and some of his cast mates experience odd encounters and supernatural phenomenon that will challenge their views of theatre and of themselves.


TYFT final

Thank You For Ten: Short Fiction About a Little Theater

The ten short stories in this collection explore both the drama and the comedy that takes place inside a community playhouse on and off the stage. 

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