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The Beacons I See

Vanessa is a highly sensitive person on the Autism Spectrum. Like the other women in her family, she can see promises. Anywhere a promise has been made by people, she sees spheres of colored light she calls beacons. Mostly she overlooks them, and mostly she prefers her solitude.

One day on a much needed vacation to the family cabin, Vanessa sees the impossible: a beacon high above the trees, where no normal person could possibly promise anything.

Torn between investigating the woods with the help of strangers, and following her original plan to withdraw from the stresses of the world, Vanessa spends the summer learning more about her gift, herself, and her relationship with other people.

Download your ebook copy from Amazon Kindle.

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Still in love with paperbacks? You’re in luck. It’s now available in paperback right here from CreateSpace.

If you prefer, you can purchase a paperback from Amazon as well.

Thoughts I Wrote Down Because I Hate Talking to People

My collection of free, brief humor/life essays on topics ranging from porn to Harry Potter. Sometimes sarcastic, sometimes introspective, always sincere. A good place to begin getting to know how I think.

Order! Ten Stories. Ten Very Different Meetings

This is an ebook short story collection. Each story involves a meeting, and its plot hinges on some aspect of parliamentary procedure, as laid out in Robert’s Rules of Order. Humor, literary, sci-fi, and other genres are represented among the ten stories. Free!  Find your preferred format here.

Murder. Theatre. Solitaire.

When overworked theatre director Milton Crouse is forced into a retreat by his sister, he is forbidden from having anything to do with the stage. But when one of his fellow guests at small estate on a Vermont mountain ends up murdered, Milton finds his theatre knowledge useful in trying to determine who the killer is. On Kindle, and now in paperback form.

Flowers of Dionysus

My debut novel. Synopsis: Before giving up the stage for good, a disillusioned amateur actor joins a friend’s troubled summer production, during which he and some of his cast mates experience odd encounters and supernatural phenomenon that will challenge their views of theatre and of themselves. Available in ebook form, now for free, at Apple and Smashwords.

Thank You For Ten: Short Fiction About a Little Theater

The ten short stories in this collection explore both the drama and the comedy that takes place inside a community playhouse on and off the stage. It is now available in ebook at AmazonApple and Smashwords.


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