Writing Samples

My writing has appeared in various places, both online and in ink. Included here are links to where some of my writing has appeared in recent years.

A piece I wrote for igrad.com discussing how college tends to fail the “real world” test.

A recent piece about some of the unconventional things I miss about being in college, which appeared in Thought Catalog.

— The entire archive for all of my columns on ShowbizRadio can be found here.

I wrote this guest post on Jen Gresham’s Everyday Bright about the difficulties with so called “electronic friends.”

–MoxyMag.com’s “Chewing the Facts” was a bi-monthly news round-up. Articles of interest are aggregated by the editors of the magazine, and I write a short summary of each piece. You can find some of my summaries here.

— I also on occasion wrote full articles for MoxyMag.com. In this one, I write about the Full Circle Theater Company in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. 

Or this profile on Ashley LeMieux’s Pass It Forward project.

Visit the “Ty Elsewhere” tab to find links to some more of my writing.

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