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I’m Ty Mathew Unglebower. Born and raised in Frederick County, Maryland. I went to Marietta College, and majored in political science, minoring in theatre arts. I’m a freelance writer, novelist, sometime actor and full time introvert. At the age of 37, I was diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum.

And yet that pithy little paragraph gives about as much of an idea of who I am as would my finger print. You could see it, know that the particulars are unique to me, and still have no clue what kind of person I am, or what I’m all about.

As many words as I create and consume each day, I’ve yet to discover an adequate collection of them to give a sense of who I am to those who don’t know. Probably because even those who know don’t totally know. Hell, to an extent, I don’t even know.

Am I always telling stories, both on the page and on the stage in some kind of effort to quantify in some more substantive way the essence of “me?” Or is that grueling archaeological dig through language that I undertake so often merely an attempt to define my presence on Earth by way of how much I move my audiences and readers?

Conventional advice says that here is where I present a concise, elevator pitch of what my brand is. I’m sorry to disappoint, because I can’t do it, not through lack of trying. Read this blog. Read my fiction. Reach out to me in a message. Follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram. If either of us has any hope of knowing more than just the standard “About Me” page will allow, that is how it will be done.

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