Contact Info

Want to ask me a question? Hire me to write something? Just chat? Good news; I’m not difficult to reach.

There’s this blog of course. Comments on a post are welcome.

If you’d rather contact me in private, you can email me at I usually get back to those within one day. Probably the best way to reach me.

Follow me on Twitter. Handle: TyUnglebower.

More of a visual type? Track me down on Instagram, also TyUnglebower.

I’m a Goodreads author as well. Friend me there, see if we’ve got books in common.

Finally, if you feel you absolutely must, you can call me most days between 10:00AM and 7:00PM at 401-788-5962. In fairness, however, know that this is my least favorite method of communicating as I tend to find it awkward. But I will do it. If I don’t answer, please leave a voice mail, and I will get back to you again usually within a day.


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