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Is My Work Worth the Work?

Writing is work. So, of course, is marketing. I don’t limit the concept of marketing to agents and publishers and glossy magazine pitches. Marketing your work also includes the delicate balancing act between gaining an audience for a piece on your blog or other platforms and spamming the life out of social media by linking …

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Cover Reveal: “Murder. Theatre. Solitaire.”

Okay, so here it is! No countdown, or contest, or giveaway or anything of that nature. I’m just happy to share with all of you the official cover of my upcoming murder mystery novel. Pretty cool, right? And simple. Or cool because it’s simple. The cards were a pre-existing stock image. The words, obviously, are my …

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Nanowrimo Update 4

Here’s a bit of almost exciting news for this update: barring a massive change in my schedule, I will easily achieve the 50,000 words threshold today. I say almost exciting because while the official point of Nanowrimo is of course to get to 50,000 words in a month, you all know I’ve set my sights …

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