Release Date for “Murder. Theatre. Solitaire.”

It’s July 5th!

Okay, I know that wasn’t the most exciting, memorable release-day announcement. But it’s not necessary to make everything a song and dance number, is it? Besides, I’ll be talking about the date more than once between now and then.

I guess, at least for right now, I have come to realize that the bells and whistles approach is not one of my strengths when it comes to promotion. I’m not suggesting I won’ promote at all, of course I will. I have to. But in the past I’ve tried the bombastic approach that works great for some of my colleagues. In my thus far short self-publishing career, that approach hasn’t yielded what it does for others. So I’ve decided to promote in a style more like me-enthusiastic but calm and straight to the point…most of the time.

Collectors of factoids might notice that my previous two books were released on June 21, the first day of summer. Why not use that date again? To tell you the truth, there is a tiny amount of superstition and quasi-tradition in my thinking, which almost forced me into using that same date again. Repetition and such. Yet not only do I think I could use an extra week or so to get read for publication this year, I’ve also told myself recently that when I can, I should shake up things. I realize that to many of you, picking a date for release of this year’s book that is different from previous year’s doesn’t sound much like a shake up. But to a sometimes overly ritualized guy such as myself, a little change can mean a lot going forward.

And why not July 4th, instead of the 5th? I wouldn’t want to steal the USA’s thunder of course.

I’m looking at starting with a $1.99 price. Might decide on a dollar by the end of the process.

So, the date is out there, and I am accountable to it. And of course I’ll be mentioning things about the book a bit more often now, so prepare for that.

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