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I wanted to draw everyone’s attention to this post by fellow blogger, (and new Twitter acquaintance),  Ashley Nicole.

She draws attention to how sometimes it feels like the hard work isn’t paying off. (Though she knows that one day it will, and she is right.) By far a more positive person then myself. But as someone who is just trying to meet some people, gain some influence, and make a dent, though not yet succeeding as she would like to, I can see in this post some similarities between her and myself. Perhaps she is ever so slightly Too XYZ in some things as well.

I was touching on a similar concept in my most recent post about being a victim. Ashley is not claiming the same things exactly as I did in my post, but I think there is a connection there that some people may have missed when reading my assessment.

So go read hers,  and leave her some feedback, if you please.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Ty! I'm glad you can relate to what I'm saying in that last post. I've learned that I'm lucky with the networking thing because I'm a naturally outgoing person. I've never met a stranger! But I know that putting yourself out there can be really hard. Some of the people closest to me struggle with this every day.

    My best advice is stay positive and take risks! Life won't hand you an opportunity, you have to make opportunities for yourself!(It's a shit reality, but what can ya do?)

    I wish you luck, sir! 🙂

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