Kids Are Heroes

I recently wrote another piece for FiNDiTFREDERiCK Magazine about the Kids Are Heroes organization. I hope that you will follow the links and read it, not only because I want to share my work as a writer, but because I’d like to help spread the word about this fine organization.

You can follow the link to their own website to learn more, but here are the basics.

Gabe O’Neill’s Daughter, MaryMargaret (age 8 at the time) wanted to raise money to help some local children in need. She wanted to organize a fund raising campaign to do this, and with a small amount of help from her father, was able to spread the word and exceed her fund raising goal for her project. Fast forward a few years, and MaryMargaret and her father are now at the head of Kids Are Heroes, an organization dedicated to helping children from around the country, and even the world, develop and realize their own ideas for how to make the world a better place.

By becoming a “hero” within the organization, a child has access to all kinds of advice, networks, and resources which can help them achieve their particular charitable goals.

I did not meet MaryMargaret when I wrote the piece, but I spoke to Mr. O’Neill, and I can assure you his enthusiasm alone was enough to understand the mission of Kids Are Heroes.

Perhaps you know a child who has a vision to help his or her community? Perhaps they should know about Kids Are Heroes? Just read my article to learn more, and follow the link to their own homepage to get even more details.

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