Reverb11: Author, Author.

Share with us the title and inside jacket cover of the book you would most like to write.

Now that I have the prompt done correctly, (I didn’t before,) I am still faced with a difficult task. Asking a writer what book he would most like to write is probably a bit like asking a baseball player which particular seat he would like his home run to land in. It’s swinging for the fence and scoring that is of the utmost. Plus, the book I “most” wanted to write recently is already in the process of being revised, so I am not sure that counts. So I’ll make a deal with you; I will answer the prompt with one of the ideas I have for the future. Just remember, there are several where this came from. I can’t put it on a pedestal above the others. But at any rate…

by Ty Unglebower

Chester Andrews, the popular and respected Vice-President of the United States has but one major public appearance remaining before leaving office after two terms-to deliver a speech to the party’s election year National Convention. Despite many pleas from all over the country, Andrews, 67, has no desire to seek the presidency. The speech, both a defacto endorsement of the party’s nominee, Senator Harris Gruber, as well as a first step in his own farewell to public life, is a rousing success with both convention delegates and the punditcracy.

Yet Vice-President Andrews barely has his shoes off in his bedroom after the short flight from Madison Square Garden in New York when he gets the unthinkable news; President Jacob Turner has suffered a massive heart attack. The fears of both Andrews and the nation are realized when three days later, the President is dead, and with a mere six months remaining in his tenure in office, Andrews is elevated to the presidency. 

Now the job Andrews never sought is his for six months. And with war brewing in the Middle East, a recalcitrant Speaker of the House with his own Presidential aspirations, and a now hobbled party nominee that believes he can assert influence over affairs of state before winning the election, newly sworn in President Andrews may find those six months more of a trial than the seven and a half years of his immediate and beloved predecessor. 


  1. I would totally read this book!

  2. Thank you. Perhaps one day, you will. =)

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