Social Introverts MeetUp

I’ve thought about it for a while, and the other day I finally did it. I invested in starting my own MeetUp group. I call it Social Introverts of Frederick County.

It’s only been up for a few days, and I am the only member thus far. I am hoping that a handful of local people join, at least. For that’s all the group needs, really. A handful of people. Handful of introverts, of course.

As I and many others have stated many times, (though it doesn’t seem to have sunk into the collective consciousness yet), introverts do not by definition always want to be alone. Some of us very much desire company at times. It just comes at a price. A price that is worth paying at times of course, but a price is a price. That means we don’t generally enjoy the same type of social interactions as extroverts do. We generally like quieter, smaller, more conversational and less chaotic activities. Though there are local groups dedicated to quieter activities, there were none that were dedicated specifically to those introverts who want to socialize, in the introvert way. So I was pro-active and started this one.

I don’t know if it will fly. Truth be told, my track record for success when I spearhead something is pretty low. (Don’t ask me why, I’ve never understood.) But ideally this idea will reach people who like me just want some more like-minded people in their life. I can’t be the only person who thinks the way I do who would like more friends of similar disposition, can I?

As a freelancer and generally non-charismatic fellow, I spend much of my time alone. Too much for my own health, I dare say. And while I have a few activities that put me around people on a semi-regular basis now, those activities have a specific goal to accomplish. The goal of my group is to enjoy the company of people like me, specifically for the purpose of doing so.

So if you happen to be an introvert near my area, (or no any of them) do check out my group, if you please. And if you have suggestions as to how to attract more people to it, I’m all ears.


  1. Lance

    Sounds like a cool group, I’d join if I wasn’t in another country! I feel sad for still getting a lot of flak from people who use ‘introvert’ as an insult, from annoying extroverts who say that their way is the only way to be. When I reason that people are different, they just don’t seem to get it. (Well, mostly, I stopped talking to them). I agree with this, I prefer to be alone most of the time, but that gets tiring too — at least the family’s okay with that.

    (Hello, I’m just a lurker who reads this blog sometimes.)

    • Thanks for lurking. And perhaps you can be the one that starts such a group in your own area?


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