Fall TV Shows. Meh?

Fall TV season has begun, or will soon begin, depending on the show. I read a magazine previewing all the new shows, and you know what? Almost none of them appeal to me.

This isn’t a critique on show business. Well, not exactly. In fact, by most metrics, television has somewhat eclipsed the movies as the place for the most creative writing. (At least according to studies and such. Look them up, they weren’t important enough to my point to track down and link to from here.)

The actual point is, I wonder why so few new shows appeal to me. not just this year but over the last several years. I’m a tad picky, it’s true, but not so discriminate that I have to be blown away by every single minute of television I ever watch. I’m capable of just being entertained without witnessing genius. But I at least need to feel some kind of hook, and generally I don’t when it comes to new shows. The last time I felt something sort of like a hook of interest was a few years ago when Elementary was the new show. Though I’m not riveted to that, I do still watch it. That, and Doctor Who. (Which sometimes goes a year or more between new episodes.) And I’m not a Whovian, as it were. I just watch the show as an escapist thing.

So I watch one current crime show, and one current escapist show. Everything else I watch is either news-oriented or on the various “old school reruns” channels.

Of course, the last few shows that I started watching were cancelled. I don’t remember all of them, but it seems a few times over the last ten years, whenever I would choose a “new show” it ended up cancelled. Maybe I’m not ready for a commitment after so many heartbreaks.

Who cares? Probably nobody. But I write about it now because I’ve been wondering lately if it is the offering on TV, or if it is me that is is flat lately. Not that there’s anything wrong with flat per se, but it’s not the first thing I want to be, of course.

Maybe I’ll just pick one of the shows at random, and see if I get hooked. You can’t always judge a show by its cover, of course, and it would be nice to have something else to talk about on the net sometimes, within the show’s community. Then again, even when I watch shows, I don’t often feel the need to discuss them with other people.

Man, maybe it really IS me.

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