Announcing: Flowers of Dionysus Paperback!

So, way back when I was a brand new self-publisher, my labor of love and first (made public) novel, Flowers of Dionysus was made available for purchase in most ebook stores. As I was new to the process, I didn’t take the novel to paperback, beyond an experimental copy I creating for myself.

Several books and two novels later, both of which are available in paperback, I am happy to announce that I will be correcting this void in my list of works. I Have begun the process of bringing back my debut novel, this time in paperback form for the general public.

The e-version, at least on Kindle, will likely remain unaffected by this choice, for those who never got around to buying a copy of same.  But as for the paperback, I’ll be shopping around for new cover art, adding some front/back matter, and just in general providing an affordable, enjoyable paperback reading experience available to readers of my other novels.

It takes a while sometimes, for a wheel to spin full circle. Now that it almost has, I hope those of you who prefer paper copies of my work will consider going back to the beginning, as it were, and purchasing a copy of Flowers of Dionysus for yourself, when the time comes.

I have no launch day yet, but I want it to be no later than the fall. (Now that it looks like my current work in progress will require a lot more work for a lot more progress than initially expected.)

I’m looking forward to making what is old new again.


  1. CK1

    Yay! Can’t wait to add another to my collection!

    • You’ll be one of the first to know. =)

  2. alinehan

    Great news! I’m curious what the finished product will look like what with a new cover/content updates.

    • Thanks. Hopefully, it will be as exciting to relaunch as it was launching the first time.

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