Ty’s Virtual Meet and Greet

Truth be told I know there are some folks out there. This blog has about 100 followers via WordPress, and a certain group of them tend to mention when they “like” one of my posts. And of course I have one or two regular commenters that post thoughtful responses on a regular basis. For that I’m quite grateful. But I’d like to know who else is out there reading my words. I’d like to know what you are thinking, or hear any questions you may have about what I’ve written.

Recently I’ve even remodeled the blog a bit, (notice the new picture of me), and I’ve updates some of the info tabs about myself and my work. Much of it in preperation for this post. Sort of like picking things up for an open house. I want to hear from you.

I realize that it can sometimes be difficult to make a general random comment on a blog. I also realize that not everyone has a question, per se. If What I’ve written is clear, and you agree with it, there may seem like little that needs to be said. I can understand that. I have been in the same position before myself. But I’m trying to get better at that by leaving at least a brief thought of agreement or disagreement on the blogs I visit on a regular basis. I’m hoping some of you will choose to do so here at TyUnglebower.com

You’ll find I ask questions at the end of some of my posts, seeking advice or opinions. That’s where all of you come in! At least that is where I’d humbly ask more of you to come in.

Not everything I write on this blog invites itself to a specific response. I realize that. But I do my best to post at least several conversation possibilities a month. I’d like those that either follow this blog literally via WordPress, as well as those who have found it by other means to take the chance to introduce themselves, and let me know why you like coming to this blog. I’m never going to be a Seth Godin, (not sure I’d want to be) but I’d like to establish some community connection here at my site beyond the one or two that leave frequent comments.

So if you’ve been looking for an opening to do that but can’t seem to find the right time or post to do it from, here is your chance. I want this post to be a sort of meet and greet. For those who are looking for a place to comment or introduce themselves, or just to say hi, but haven’t felt confident yet in doing so, let’s get the all rolling here on this post.

They say you need to ask people for support if you want to get it. While I would continue this blog regardless, because I need some outlet for my thoughts and perceptions, I am asking you now to please engage me here today, and I will continue my efforts to engage others as well.

I usually follow any blog that follows this one, unless I see right off that it’s clearly just a storefront blog, or one that hasn’t been updated in over a year. I’m not for everyone, but if you’ve followed me, there’s probably aspect of my writing, my presence or my personality that appeals to you. Perhaps I can reciprocate. But I need to hear from you.

So, no more need to feel awkward, or to wonder when a good time to say something may be. Jump in right now in the comments section, for hopefully the first of many times in the future! I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. I’ve been thinking a lot about social networking and blogging and trying to build a fanbase or community lately. I remember seeing a famous youtuber argue that things like regular update schedules and twitter feeds and communities tend to spring FROM a backbone of excellent content, rather than the the content becoming popular BECAUSE of the social networking. I’m not sure whether that’s true all the time or not, but it certainly sounds more appealing to someone who hates marketing himself (like me).

    That being said, there are plenty of people who claim to have found success using these tools, so I applaud you on trying to better network yourself online. I certainly don’t do the greatest job even with the meager requirements I put on myself.

  2. An excellent point, and one I should probably try to take with me as i go further into both my blogging and writing.

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