“Thank You For Ten” Covers and Proofreading

As I mentioned last week, I was down to three possible covers for Thank You For Ten: Short Fiction About a Little Theater. I have made that decision, and while I won’t give a great deal of detail about it here, (I want there to be some surprise for you when the book is available!), I’ll say that I went with a cover containing an image as opposed to just designs. I think any of the finalists as well as some others would have worked well, but after talking it over with some people, I decided that an image would stand out more for people searching. Plus this image is somewhat representational of the content of the book. How so? You’ll find out when I launch.

So that is almost that in regards to covers. The next step will be to enter the title and my name and such onto said cover in a way that looks nice. That won’t be a quick punch-out job either, as the text is obviously important. It won’t however, take more than one sessions of playing around with things. That may come today. I feel confident in doing at least that much myself.

I also mentioned a week ago that I was making the final proofread pass for all ten stories. As of Saturday that task is complete. I realize that we all have a tendency to miss things here and there in our own work, and I may have. But if I did, it’s minor, and no more than what you’ll find in a traditionally published book these days, I dare say. Everything remained mostly as it had been, though with two of the stories I did rework a whole paragraph or two. The stories were better afterward, which of course is the point. But most of the stories were already by last week at their optimal state after previous editing passes. Why weren’t the few paragraphs I just mentioned? I have no idea. Sometimes something just strikes an author as improvable one day that did not previously. This is why one has to decide to be done editing, and not edit until things are settled. They are never fully settled. But I have decided; this collection’s editing has concluded.

Time to begin the serious work on other aspects of this adventure. Namely, to pick a launch date, a price, and to market in whatever capacity I have. I’ll admit that after the major flop of my blog post on Thursday, hearing from only one person, I’m very disappointed in and worried about my reach. But hopefully a lack of comments does not indicate a lack of interest in this collection, and so I invite all of you who read the blog but didn’t answer my call on Thursday to stay tuned and follow me through to the end of this process, and pick up a copy of Thank You For Ten:Short Fiction About a Little Theater when the time comes.

But first, more decisions. And as I have been commandeering most Mondays here on the blog to updates about all of this and I enjoy the semi-accountability that brings, let’s say I will have a decision about launch date and price for you a week from now. You won’t want to miss that I’m sure, so make sure you come on back a week from today to find out more.

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  1. Looking forward to purchasing…assuming I have the right technology. 🙂 I am pretty far behind in that regard!

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