If the internet thinks I am going to now stop mentioning my recent free essay collection, it is mistaken. Please take a look, as I think it will bring a smile to your face more than once.

That being said, my stronger attentions have now turned toward my next major project; the as yet untitled, Novel 3. (Though I am close to picking one of the finalist titles.)

I have not chosen a release date yet, though I have one in mind for summer. I have no reason to believe that I won’t make that date, but it’s still too early to be 100% certain of when I will complete it. I’ll announce the date when I choose it here first of course.

I won’t talk much inside baseball, but I will say that I’ve been taking a somewhat different editing/revising approach to this novel than that which I normally employ. It has been more tiring on certain days, but the end goal is the same of course-quality fiction I’m proud to put my name on, and ask people to pay for.

The plan is also for this to be available as ebook and paper form, just as the last novel is. (Also still available.)

As I gain more confidence and skill in indie publishing I will be able to do things quicker, and with fewer obstacles.

This novel isn’t strictly speaking literary fiction. Broadly it’s either fantasy, or perhaps one form of magical realism. Still, I’ve employed a bit more symbolism in these novel than in previous ones, and I’ve been playing with language a bit more. (One reason, though not the only one, that the editing process is a different and more tiring than usual.)

I’ll also be initiating a more complex marketing and promotional plan for this novel than any of my previous works thus far. That is an aspect of indie publishing that I have the most to learn about, I dare say. But that’s why I’ll be investing some money and some more time into different approaches that while new to me still are not impossible for me. (As some common marketing strategies would be for me.)

Not only that, but I’m taking some steps to better promote myself as a person as well. I already dusted off and re-purposed a youtube channel in hopes of using it to not only promote my works, but my “voice” or “brand” of whatever they call it now. Promoting it, not changing everything I am to look like something shinier. We will see how that goes.

I have about 300 followers of this blog, and if you do in fact read these posts on a regular basis, feedback on how I am doing, (and especially a interest in my books) is appreciated. I’ve heard from so few of you over the years…

So, it’s not time for a book launch yet, but time for the launch of an improved approach.



  1. Cassie

    Looking forward to novel #3 and the new marketing strategy!

    • Thank you. Hopefully both will be a success!

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